Kids Kick off Summer

Rally Bike winner 2017 June 10 Summer Rally (174)CR

Pictured in photo: Charlotte Grange

Fort Kent ~Northern Maine Medical Center’s (NMMC) fifth annual Rally in the Valley Mountain Bike Festival was held on Saturday, June 10th. NMMC, with its event partner, the Fort Kent Outdoor Club, provided an opportunity for kids of all ages to experience several biking events. After a rainy Spring, perfect weather was a welcome surprise on the day of the event. Approximately forty children registered to participate in the mountain bike festival and more than twenty volunteers were on hand to support the event which offered participants two different biking activity tracks.

The first track was geared for ages three to nine and included activities such as: an obstacle course, a balance beam, power drag and a skills loop. Also a part of the first track, children were introduced to the biathlon shooting range with the use of paintball and colorful targets. The second track, geared for the more experienced bike enthusiast, drew more participants this year.

Another event attraction, led by Marissa Albert, Community Oral Health Project Coordinator, was offered by Fish River Rural Health. For the second consecutive year, Fish River joined the event to promote oral health utilizing games to deliver the oral health message. Albert said, “We were so pleased to participate in the event again this year. This is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness about oral health.” Albert noted that gum disease and other oral health conditions are the number one disease in children and one hundred percent preventable.

At the closing of the event, a brand new mountain bike was raffled off. The prize was made possible by NMMC medical staff and The Ski Shop in Van Buren. Five year old Charlotte Grange, son of Dr. and Mrs. Cameron Grange, was the winner of a brand new Fuji Dynamite mountain bike. At an interview of siblings by event announcer, Dan Chasse, Charlotte’s brother said he hoped that his little sister Charlotte would win the bike this year because she had outgrown her own bike.

Courtney Deprey, NMMC event coordinator indicated that the partners are planning to add a biathlon-type of activity at the 2018 event.

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