Local Physician Retires From Board

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Fort Kent ~ Well known to the area for his service as a physician in the Emergency Department at Northern Maine Medical Center (NMMC), it is not so well known that Dr. David Jones has served as a volunteer member of the Maine Board of Medicine for the past eight years, serving as Secretary for the past four years and devoting countless hours to fulfill his Board responsibilities.

On July 11, 2017, David E. Smith, Esquire, Executive Director for the Maine Board of Medicine, announced the retirement of Dr. Jones from said Board. Of Jones’ departure Smith said, “Dr. Jones understood the Board’s mission to protect the public, and approached the review of all matters, keeping that mission paramount. His experience and medical knowledge as a family physician and emergency department physician contributed greatly to the Board reviews and discussions of complaints, license applications, and the development of Board policies and rules. What I will remember most about Dr. Jones’ service on the Board is the depth of his compassion, for complainants and licensees alike, and his abilities as a mentor and educator.” According to Smith, Dr. Jones was first appointed to the Board in July of 2009, at which time he took an oath to faithfully discharge to the best of his abilities, the duties incumbent on him as a member of the Board of Licensure in Medicine. Smith also said that Dr. Jones incorporated that oath and made an immediate and positive impact on the profession of medicine. He said the Board and its staff quickly recognized his incredible work ethic.

Dr. Jones earned a degree in medicine at the University of Vermont, College of Medicine in 1979, and completed a residency program at the Maine-Dartmouth Family Practice in 1982. He is a member of the Maine Medical Association and the Maine Academy of Family Practice. He is a Fellow American Academy of Family Practice and he has been a member of numerous professional and community boards over the years. He has served as the Medical Director for Hospice of Aroostook since 2005, and has been a state of Maine Medical Examiner since 1981. In 1996, he was named Physician of the Year by the Maine Family Practice Association.

Employed at NMMC since 1998, Dr. Jones has worked closely with the current Emergency Department Director, Dr. Erik St. Pierre since 2011. Learning of Dr. Jones’ July retirement from the Board, Dr. St. Pierre said, “Dr. Jones is an exceptional physician. He has strong values and is extremely fair. Those were the qualities that directed him to the Board of Medicine. I personally witnessed the countless hours he spent as Secretary of the Board of Medicine reviewing dossiers and licensing applications to ensure that the State of Maine provided quality healthcare to all patients. I have always viewed Dr. Jones as a role model for myself on how to be a good person, physician and administrator. We are very lucky to have him working at our hospital and the Board of Medicine will certainly suffer a great loss with his departure.”  Dr. Jones remains on staff at NMMC as a full time Emergency Physician.
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