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Welcome to Northern Maine Medical Center’s patient information section on finance and billing. This section is provided to you as a resource for questions and contact information. Understanding your share of costs associated with healthcare procedures you receive can be confusing. NMMC is committed to helping you understand your share of the costs. Within this section we have provided basic pricing information on common procedures and tests, multiple resources to help answer your questions along with links to federal and state resources. Financial counselors are ready to assist you to obtain an estimate of expected costs for services. Please contact a representative from our Patient Financial Services department.

Consistent with our mission to provide high quality health and wellness services for the extended community, NMMC is committed to providing charity care to every person in need of medically necessary treatment whether you are uninsured, under-insured, ineligible for other government programs, or unable to pay based on your individual financial situation.

If you need assistance in finding the right resources to guide you to determine your eligibility for charity care, we urge you to contact our Patient Financial Counselor at 207-834-1442 or email at

To view the guidelines for charity care and associated resources, click on the  links provided below.

Financial Assistance Policy -Charity Care Eligibility -ENGLISH

Financial Assistance Policy -Charity Care Eligibility -FRENCH

Addendum A -Income Guidelines for Medical Assistance

Addendum B -Amounts Generally Billed (AGB) Calculation

Addendum C -Providers

For the full Financial Assistance Policy, click on link provided below:

Financial Assistance Policy -ENGLISH

Financial Assistance Policy -FRENCH

For information about collections: click on link provided below:

Collections Policy

To submit an application for financial assistance, click on link provided below.

Application for Financial Assistance

For information about Medicare’s Advance Beneficiary Notice, click on link below.

Advance Beneficiary Notice