Diabetes Education

There are many myths about diabetes that make it difficult for people to believe some of the hard facts – such as diabetes is a serious and potentially deadly disease. These myths can create a picture of diabetes that is not accurate and full of stereotypes and stigma.” Excerpt from the American Diabetes Association website. To learn more about diabetes and whether or not you are at risk, go to www.diabetes.org.  

Northern Maine Medical Center’s Diabetes Education Program is designed to assist the person with diabetes, and their family, in learning about the disease, its treatment and self-care. The program is a comprehensive outpatient diabetes education program in compliance with the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Education & Support for People with Diabetes in conjunction with


Designed to assist the person with diabetes to learn more in order to help prevent possible long-term, life-threatening complications.

We offer  classes  in both Fort Kent and Madawaska. 

To learn about our class schedule, call 207-834-1946.

Managing Your Diabetes includes such topics as:

General Facts

– Nutrition

– Medication

– High Blood Sugar

– Low Blood Sugar

– Blood Sugar Monitoring

– Urine Testing

– Stress

– Travel

– Exercise

– Psychological Adjustment

– Family Involvement

– Preventing Complications

– Managing Illness

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