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NMMC Community Education

Northern Maine Medical Center is a well-established health education resource for residents of the St. John Valley. We provide numerous health screenings such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes risk testing. In addition to the screenings, a variety of ongoing educational courses are offered such as CPR, first aid and babysitting. Community Presentations provide individuals an opportunity to ask questions to healthcare professionals pertaining to diseases and other health issues. Northern Maine Medical Center has a strong commitment to meeting the health and educational needs of the people in our service area.

DSMT Program
(Diabetes Self Management Training)

This program is designed to assist the person with diabetes in learning as much as possible about diabetes, its treatment and self-care, in order to achieve and/or maintain optimum management of their condition. Northern Maine Medical Center's DSMT Program is a comprehensive outpatient diabetes education program in compliance with the Diabetes Prevention & Control Program (DP & CP) in Augusta, Maine.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs

Northern Maine Medical Center's Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II Program provides a medically supervised exercise and education curriculum for those recovering from heart disease. The goal is to help patients reach their optimal heart function.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III - "The Health Maintenance" Program is a community-based outpatient program designed to help individuals with coronary artery disease (or people at high risk for heart disease) to have a full and productive life physiologically, psychologically and socially.

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