Courtesy Home Visits

Your health is important to us!

Who qualifies for the services?

NMMC patients who are discharged to their home.

Does it cost anything?

It is NMMC’s pleasure to provide this free service.

What will the RN do for me?

  • Re-instruct home discharge orders by your physician.
  • Explain and re-educate new medications you have been sent home with.
  • Assess your basic vital signs in your home.
  • Evaluate how you are feeling at home since being discharged.
  • Assist with organizing your medications initially, until your home services are available, if applicable.
  • Answer any questions or concerns you may have since returning home from the hospital.
  • Relay any concerns to physician if needed.
  • Make recommendations to improve home safety.
  • Assist in coordinating follow up appointments as needed.

How can I get an appointment?

At time of discharge, your nurse will review the summary of your discharge. At the time of discharge you will be asked whether you would like this visit.

To accept our invitation, you will need to sign a form.

By signing this form, we will gather information to schedule the courtesy home visit for you.

You will receive a phone call the following day to set up a time for a nurse to visit you.

Our home visit will not interfere with services you may already be receiving. NMMC provides this one visit to all patients regardless of the services you may have.

Why is NMMC offering home visits?

The Northern Maine Medical Center Healthcare team is dedicated to our patients and want to continue to exceed your expectations even after your discharge. We want to assist you in understanding the things you are responsible for in managing your health and ensure you have a good understanding of the purpose for taking your medications and possible side effects.  We want to continue to be here for you.