Hospital Price Estimate Resources

Northern Maine Medical Center offers various ways in which to assist you with your insurance and billing questions. We understand how complex it can be for patients to make good decisions. We have several resources to assist you and we are also available to meet with you depending on your preference. If you are seeking pricing information, we are happy to assist you in any way that we can to answer your questions.

We have prepared hospital and outpatient price information lists which may accessed using the following links.

Cardiopulmonary Charges

Emergency Department price listing

General Surgery Charges

Hospitalist Charges

Laboratory Charges

Outpatient Procedure & Services Charges

Pain Management Charges

Primary Care Charges -Rural Health Center

Radiology Charges

Room Rate Charges

Surgical Specialty Charges

If you did not find what you are looking for in the above price lists or if you would like to request pricing estimates specific to your coverage needs, contact the Patient Financial Counselor directly at 207-834-1442 or email at

In order for us to best assist you when you are requesting a price estimate, you will need to provide the following information.

  • Description of condition or procedure
  • Name of physician
  • Your insurance coverage
  • Direct telephone number for price estimate information
  • dedicated email address
  • CPT code if available

For your convenience, you may use any of the following options to send us your request:

  • You may call 207-834-1442
  • You may FAX the request for information form to 207-834-1410

You may print the form Pricing Estimate Request Form, complete it and drop it off at our Patient Financial Counselor’s office in the main lobby of the hospital

To submit an application for financial assistance, click on link provided below.

Application for Financial Assistance

If you and your authorized representative need more detailed information and you would like to meet with our Patient Financial Counselor, please contact us at 207-834-1442 to make an appointment.

Below you will find a number of additional links to guide you and provide you with resources to assist you to navigate the world of healthcare pricing and insurance reimbursement.

Part I website checklist Price Estimate

Part II Overview Price Estimate

Part III Informational Caveats Price Estimate

Part IV Health Insurance Price Estimate

Part V Other Resources -Government Insurance Price Estimate