Hospitalist Service


What is a hospitalist?  A hospitalist is a Physician or Medical Specialist who provides quality medical treatment to individuals while they are in the hospital. Because hospitalists don’t maintain a private outside practice, their time is devoted solely to caring for hospitalized patients.  Hospitalists are located in the hospital and specialize in all aspects of a patient’s care – from admission until discharge. To do this, hospitalists manage and coordinate the entire inpatient care of a patient, working closely with the patient’s primary care physician and/or specialists involved. Some questions have been raised about the benefits of a Hospitalist Program at NMMC. We hope this clarifies some of the questions.

What benefits will patients at NMMC notice to utilizing a Hospitalist?

Having a physician in-house can offer prompt, personal, and specialized service by being readily available He/she can evaluate and treat our patients in person which lends to a personal approach, day or night.”

Will the care change as a result of having Hospitalists?

The Hospitalist will be readily available to our inpatients 24 hours a day.

What was the primary reason for utilizing a Hospitalist? 

In the last few years, throughout the country, inpatient medicine has been shifting towards hospitalist programs. As we continue to recruit and try to retain physicians, a strong preference exists toward separating the inpatient and the outpatient practice of medicine. The complexities of both areas of medical practice have grown.  Each area has evolved into a specialty.  Moreover, a significant number of existing medical staff wish to have the option of practicing in only one of these areas and not both. It has become clear to us that it is time for this institution to offer this option to our medical staff and its new candidates.

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