Mission and Values

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Our Mission and Beliefs

The Mission of Northern Maine Medical Center is to provide, coordinate, or support access to high quality, affordable health care and to positively impact our communities’ quality of life by improving health status.

As a charitable organization, NMMC provides general and acute health services to individuals and families in and around the St. John Valley. We coordinate and support access to high quality health care that impacts each person’s quality of life by improving health status through services and programs related to the provision of health promotion, maintenance and care.

• To foster excellence in health services, NMMC has a continuing commitment to health education.

• Because we recognize the dignity of each person, we strive for excellence in our work.

• We challenge ourselves to perform in a spirit of mercy characterized by compassion and caring.

Statement of Values

Those who serve within NMMC support and uphold the following beliefs as the basis for decision-making and service provision:

• We demonstrate sensitivity toward all persons, especially those who are vulnerable and suffering.

• We demonstrate competence as we perform our work to the best of our ability, using our knowledge and skills.

• We strive to achieve outcomes of the highest quality while supporting innovations and continual improvement of the quality of our service.

• We support the affirmation that all human life is precious and unique and deserves to be treated with dignity.

• We nurture a service culture that is focused on meeting the needs of those we serve. We value the unique contribution of each and every person direct­ly or indirectly involved in the provision of health care.

• We demonstrate responsible and accountable use of all human, material and financial resources.

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