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Serving the Upper St. John Valley since 1952.
We treat you like family this is supported by response to our customer.
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Mission Statement
The Mission of Northern Maine Medical Center is to provide, coordinate, or support access to high quality, affordable health care and to positively impact our communities' quality of life by improving health status.

Our Vision of Customer Service

Northern Maine Medical Center recognizes that people rely on us to be more than just a provider of high-quality medical services. They rely on us to provide them with the same kind of care and surroundings that we would provide to our own family members if they were ill. We place the highest degree of importance on establishing and maintaining a friendly, compassionate and personal atmosphere for each patient, visitor, co-worker and physician. Each will have a favorable perception and experience with our system and would choose us over our competitors.

Our Values

  • The NMMC team demonstrates sensitivity toward all persons, especially those who are vulnerable and suffering.
  • The NMMC team demonstrates competence when we perform our work to the best of our ability using our knowledge and skills within the framework of our respective jobs and responsibilities.
  • The NMMC team strives to achieve outcomes of the highest quality while supporting innovation and continual improvement of the quality of our service.
  • The NMMC team supports the affirmation that all human life is precious and unique and deserves to be treated with dignity.
  • The NMMC team nurtures a service culture that is focused on meeting the needs of those we serve. We value the unique contribution of each and every person directly or indirectly involved in the provision of healthcare.
  • The NMMC team demonstrates responsible and accountable use of all human, material, and financial resources.

Communication, teamwork, respect, accountability and compassion are at the heart of all that we do.

We strive to be the role model of family caring for family.

We Always Treat You Like Family!

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