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At Fort Kent-It was Monsignor Aime Giguere’s idea-A simple maternity hospital comprising twenty beds and to cost a grand total of $200,000. The hospital was to be located on Dickey Lot in Fort Kent, Maine, on the corner of Main and Pleasant Streets. But ideas have a way of changing-concepts evolving. From the initial 20-bed maternity hospital once called the People’s Benevolent Hospital and later Northern Maine Medical Center, that vision was created in 1934 with the hospital open for business on September 21, 1952.

Just prior to the grand opening on August 13, 1952, the Hospital Ladies Guild, often referred to as the NMMC Guild, was organized and since that time has been extremely active in hospital affairs. Their contributions of volunteer time, money, equipment, and scholarships have given to the hospital over the past 58 years.

That evolution is quite simply put; a 55-member group dedicated to raising and contributing money where there is a need to benefit NMMC and its affiliates. More importantly, is a financial focus to support the needs of patients that grace NMMC’s doorway.

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