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Edgar J. (Guy) Paradis Cancer Fund

People receiving cancer treatment therapy are often left feeling overwhelmed. Occasionally lifesaving treatment is needed away from home and most importantly family members. A person may feel lonely and isolated. The Edgar J. Paradis Cancer Fund has been established to Help with this problem...

The Edgar J. (Guy) Paradis Cancer Fund, originally known as the Paradis Leukemia Fund, was founded in 1978. It is named in the memory of Guy Paradis, a resident of the St. John Valley who had erythro-leukemia. Guy often had to leave the familiarity of the Valley in order to receive treatment in hospitals that were unfamiliar and far from family. While his family was able to be with him throughout most of his hospital experience, there were times when he was alone and despaired of the loneliness and isolation he felt while separated from loved ones.

When he died, he wanted those who were in similar circumstances to have the comfort of having family nearby. He willed start-up funding so that other patients receiving cancer treatment therapy would have members of their families with them, especially when treatment was required great distances from home.

Throughout the years, Guy's "seed" money, in conjunction with such annual fundraising events as the the Tour de La Vallee, and the Tribute Walk, provide assistance to St. John Valley families.

Administered by Northern Maine Medical Center, today's Paradis Cancer Fund focuses on cancer survivors and their families providing:

  • Financial assistance when there is a need to travel far from home for all or a portion of treatment.
  • Sponsorship of monthly support groups that provide an opportunity to meet and share experiences.
  • Enhancement of cancer awareness through an annual education seminar.
  • An extensive reference library that includes books, videos, and tapes on a variety of cancer-related subjects.

In order to accommodate as many people as possible and in accordance with Guy's wishes, there are no financial parameters that must be met in order to qualify to receive assistance from the Fund.

Edgar J Paradis Fund Application

The Edgar J. Paradis Cancer Fund
Northern Maine Medical Center
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