Welcome to Psychiatric Services for adults and children

NMMC believes that all individuals have a right to the best possible quality mental health care and to be involved in planning their care. All patients have the right to fulfillment of basic needs in the realm of physical, psychological, spiritual, biological, emotional and environmental areas. We support the patient’s optimal level of functioning and the preservation of rights with expertise to enhance the patient experience.

NMMC’s inpatient psychiatry units are designed for short term inpatient treatment for patients who present with acute psychiatric illness to the extent that they cannot safely or adequately be treated as outpatients. The psychiatric service consists of a Child and Adolescent Unit and an Adult Unit.

The primary objectives of the inpatient psychiatric units are to assist patients to cope with and overcome the critical phase of illness and to assist patients achieve a level of functioning to safely continue treatment in an outpatient setting. Please visit our Behavioral Health page.

Mark Overton, MD

Melissa Stoliker, PMHNP

Debra S. MacLean, PMHNP