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Our therapists are all licensed by the state of Maine and are actively involved in your program throughout your course of treatment. Your treatment will include a comprehensive initial evaluation and the development of an individualized treatment plan. We believe in creating an environment that allows close supervision and one on one care. This ensures that your program is performed safely and correctly.

Let's meet the staff...

Our Directors...

Vicki, OTR/L, CLT, Rehab Supervisor - Vicki has been an occupational therapist since 1994, but only joined our team in 2009. She is currently treating our skilled patients at Forest Hill. She also is certified in lymphedema management, therefore has an outpatient caseload as well She brings to our team many years of experience as an OT, which has been a great asset for our younger staff. She has a very warm personality that allows patients to be very comfortable with her.


Michelle, MPT, Skilled Rehab Supervisor - Michelle has been a physical therapist and part of our staff since 2002. She is providing skilled PT services at Forest Hill Rehab & Skilled Nursing Center, as well as providing aquatic therapy in our Endless Pool. Michelle enjoys working with the geriatric population and her personality, warm smile and patience help her to work with all age groups.


Tiffany, PT, Pediatric Clinical Coordinator - Tiffany has been a physical therapist since 1996. She has been working with the pediatric population in the schools and outpatient settings as well as performing wheelchair assessments for all age groups since that time. She enjoys working with children and they, in turn, look forward to therapy sessions with her. Her love of her job is apparent.

Our Physical Therapists...

Andrea, MPT - Andrea has been a physical therapist since June 2003. She is now concentrating her efforts on our inpatient clientele and pediatric population. Her easy-going nature and flexibility makes her a great team player. She is a welcome addition to our experienced staff.


Bonnie, MPT - A Physical Therapy graduate from Dalhousie University, Bonnie has been with NMMC since 2005. She has found interest in treating our outpatient clientele in our Madawaska and Fort Kent clinics. She is a multi-faceted therapist working with out-patients, skilled rehab patients and in-patients alike. Her quiet disposition and work flexibility makes her an outstanding team player within our team.


Quennie, PT - Quennie is our newest addition to the Therapy Works Department beginning services in late September 2008. Queenie comes to us from the Philippines where she attended the Silliman University and received a Bachelors in Physical Therapy. Queenie is working at our skilled rehab facility providing therapy to that clientele. Quennie has a nice smile and a caring personality that shines through each and every day. She been a wonderful addition to our team.

Our Occupational Therapists...


Leslie, OTR/L - Leslie is a 2008 graduate of Occupational Therapy from Husson College. She currently is working at Forest Hill Rehab & Skilled Nursing Center our Skilled Rehabilitation and Living Facility as a staff OT, as well as assisting in our psychiatric units as needed. We are pleased to have her on our team providing care to our diverse patient population.


Shantelle, MS,OTR/L - Shantelle joined our organization in June 2007 after completing an internship with us. She is a graduate of Husson College Masters Program in Occupational Therapy. Shantelle provides rehab services for our Pediatric population at our FKOP facility and in our surrounding school systems. She has an energetic personality that kids just love. Shantelle also completes ergonomic assessments throughout the hospital.


Parise, OTR/L - Parise is a 2002 graduate Occupational Therapist from the University of Dalhousy in Nova Scotia. Parise works with us one day per week providing coverage for our inpatients, skilled rehab patients, and/or our psychiatric population. She is also providing ergonomic evaluations as needed throughout the hospital. She thrives in providing one-on-one care to help our patients attain the highest level of function they can.


Betty, OTR/L - Betty came to NMMC in the summer of 2007. Betty had specialized in the area of pediatric OT for a number of years within the State of Maine. Since joining our team, Betty has serviced our skilled facility, psychiatric units, inpatient clientele, as well as the pediatric population. She is a very well rounded therapist who has been able to help a wide variety of patients. Her willingness to diversify has made her into a great team player.


Christa, MS, OTR/L - Christa has been a member of our team since 2009. She is our outpatient occupational therapist, providing services at both our Madawaska and Fort Kent clinics. She has a great energy and a wonderful personality that her patients have come to love.


Kelly, MS, OTR/L - Kelly joined our team in 2010. She is the occupational therapist providing therapy on our child and adult psychatric units. She has an outgoing personality and a love for creativity that will server that clientele well.

Our Speech Therapist...

Robin, SLP - Robin graduated with a masters' degree in Speech and Language Pathology in the spring of 2004. She is busy treating all age groups with language and/or swallowing problems. We are proud to have a local professional who will compliment our existing rehab services and serve the St. John Valley population. Robin currently provides SLP services to pediatric/adult/Geriatric populations in and around our campus facility.

Our Support Personnel...

Charlene, Administrative Assistant - Charlene joined our staff at the Fort Kent outpatient facility in 2006. She provides structure and guidance to the flow of patients seen within the multi-faceted rehabilitation department. Her skill of being able to streamline patient scheduling activity and keep all therapists actively involved in manageable caseloads is a strong attribute Charlene possesses.


Pauline, Receptionist/Rehab Aid - You will see Pauline at our Fort Kent outpatient clinic. She has been with the rehab department since 1980. Her experience is a valuable asset to help you with any insurance questions you may have.


Liza, Receptionist/Aide - Liza joined our staff in 2010. She works out of the Madawaska Outpatient Center therpay clinic. She has a great smile, positive attitude, and helpful nature. She is a welcome addition to our team.

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