Surgical Services


The surgery department encompasses the entire surgical experience, beginning with the primary care office, pre-admission screening, same day surgery, the operating suites and the post anesthesia care area. Board Certified surgeons, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and nursing staff make up the dedicated team of professionals that are prepared to exceed your expectations!

Experienced Board Certified general surgeons offer a multitude of high quality services including but not limited to: upper and lower endoscopy procedures including non-invasive capsule endoscopy, major laparoscopic and open abdominal procedures, breast cancer detection procedures, cesarean sections and all surgical office procedures.

Related to breast cancer detection, advanced technology is available at NMMC in the form of Sentinel Node Biopsies. When found and treated early, breast cancer is often curable. One of the first sites of breast cancer spread is to the lymph nodes located in the armpit. These are called sentinel lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are part of a network of  vessels called the lymphatic system that carries a clear fluid called lymph. Using special noninvasive equipment called a gamma probe, Dr. Coffman is able to detect whether or not the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. Knowing if there is any involvement in the lymph nodes can reduce the chance that  more  extensive surgery will be needed, thus reducing the incidence of complications such as Lymphedema.

In the area of gastroenterology, technology is now available to photograph inside the human body just by taking a pill. The specialized procedure, called capsule endoscopy, or pill cam for short,  is currently available at NMMC. The test is performed by one of NMMC’s Board Certified General Surgeons. The procedure is the test of choice for finding a source of bleeding in the small intestine if the standard exam, called an endoscopy, fails to do so. The pill cam assists the surgeon to evaluate the small intestine, located between the stomach and the colon, which cannot be reached by traditional endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy or gastroscopy.

To learn more about NMMC’s general surgery services, call 207-834-3060.