Swing Bed Unit -Rehabilitation

June 2015 Marsha Labbe (1) R

Marsha Labbe, BSN, RN, Swing Bed Unit Manager

Swing bed programs are intended to treat rehabilitation-oriented medical conditions, such as orthopedic injuries as opposed to chronic conditions. At the point when the patient needs only follow-up care, that patient would no longer medically need to remain in the hospital for high-tech monitoring or complex diagnostic procedures, but the patient is still one step away from home-based care or recovery. The goal of the swing bed program is to return the patient to a permanent living situation as soon as possible. Although the patient under the swing bed program is in the hospital, the emphasis is on returning the patient to their home or other living situation.

The patient remains at the hospital and sometimes even in the same room and bed. The patient primarily benefits by fewer disruptions and continuity in care during the healing process. The only change for the Medicare patient under a swing bed program is the level of care.

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Mrs. Verna Daigle of Fort Kent was one of the first patients to receive the new service at NMMC. Daigle said, “It was nice to be able to stay right here to get my care instead of having to move to another facility before eventually going home.” The caregivers and medical professionals in charge of the medical care “swings” as the patients’ medical needs change. To learn more about eligibility for this service, contact Marsha Labbe, RN, Swing Bed Unit Manager at 207-834-1685.